Chocolate Slices are inspired by Parisian pastry chefs’ greatest creations and their contemporary shape, which is both slender and neat, never fails to delight.

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This French pastry classic stands out for its use of quality ingredients: apples with a delicious caramel flavour are layered on a delicious, authentic shortcrust butter pastry.



Traiteur de Paris’ gourmet, sophisticated Opéras layer plain joconde biscuit, a delicate chocolate ganache and a light butter cream with a light coffee aroma, all covered with chocolate icing as the finishing touch.

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Made by chefs for chefs

Crafter of pastries, morsels, or cooked vegetables, Traiteur de Paris only has one goal: to offer their artisanal best across a wide array of high-quality and customizable products, exclusively reserved for food and beverage professionals.

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Chefs' advice

Get inspired by the recipes imagined by our Chefs and discover interesting articles about our universe.

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Traiteur de Paris

Founded 20 years ago, our group crafts small bites (canapés, petits fours), individual-sized desserts, cooked vegetables and other high-quality cuisine shortcuts made for professionals in the food and beverage industry.

There are more than 400 employees - chefs, bakers, and food preppers - who produce dishes in our ateliers in Bretagne and Normandy that are inspired by artisanal methods. By the grace of deep freezing technology - the most sure and natural way to preserve the excellence of our products - we are able to export our French « know-how » across the world.

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Discover the new creations developed by Traiteur de Paris chefs in our new Collection 2018. Delicious surprises are waiting for you!

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