Polenta slice

How-to video for the Polenta slice

How-to video

Discover two presentation suggestions from our chefs for the Polenta slice:
– Fish of the day
– Polenta Slice Millefeuilles

Version 1: Fish of the Day


  • Polenta slice from Traiteur de Paris
  • Mini Saint-Jacques scallops from the bay of Saint Brieuc
  • Fresh peas
  • Green asparagus, braised
  • Pea purée
  • Basil coulis
  • Watercress sprouts


  1. Quickly cook the scallops in a salamander oven
  2. Cut the polenta in 3 morsels, then arrange on the plate
  3. Add 2 Saint-Brieuc mini scallops
  4. Decorate with points of the pear puree, piped
  5. Decorate the points with the basil coulis
  6. Add the braised green asparagus
  7. Decorate with watercress sprouts
Lingot polenta façon retour de pêche
Lingot polenta en millefeuilles

Version 2: Polenta Slice Millefeuilles


  • Polenta slice from Traiteur de Paris
  • Sautéed mushrooms with herbs
  • Filet of roast duckling
  • Sautéed porcini mushrooms
  • Green asparagus, braised
  • Cooking liquid, reduced
  • Watercress sprouts


  1. Cut the Polenta Slice in two pieces lengthwise after defrosting
  2. Cook the polenta in the oven
  3. Place the bottom part of the Polenta Slice on the plate
  4. Top with a thin layer of porcini and girolle mushrooms
  5. Place the top of the Polenta Slice
  6. Decorate with ½ of the cepes and with one braised green asparagus
  7. Add the duck filet and its reduced cooking liquid
  8. Decorate with the watercress sprouts and ground pepper