Supplier for caterers

Creations made by and for caterers

Partner and provider of caterers for almost 20 years, Traiteur de Paris has become over the years a brand appreciated by professionals, which hasn’t been a sheer stroke of luck.

Born from the meeting of Chef Yann Le Moal and the young entrepreneur Denis Pinault, Traiteur de Paris most importantly acts as an artisanal caterer and reception organizer.

Prestigious cocktail receptions, marriages, seminars…the company enjoys a stellar reputation in the French capital. In order to face the constraints of the organization and a focus on seasonality, the two associates decided to prepare some of their creations in advance and to freeze them in order to preserve the level of excellence and the natural quality of their products.

Year by year and through their mastery of the art of deep freezing, the small artisanal company grew and distributed its products through trusted partnerships, all destined to fellow caterers.

Quality products designed to facilitate catering supply

Rich from this experience and from a mastery of their trade, Traiteur de Paris offers a range of products perfectly adapted to your needs and to your constraints as caterers and reception organizers.

Our chefs select the highest-quality raw ingredients, without neglecting the practicality and ease of serving in order to adapt to large-scale events. The packaging is carefully formulated to make your life easier.

The range of products contains:

Montages d'assiettes en cuisine par un chef

With an eye to supply only high-quality products, our chefs are very attentive to all tastes, textures, and the quality and provenance of their raw ingredients. The creations of Traiteur de Paris distinguish themselves by their flavors, their practicality, and their excellence of their final presentation after defrosting.

To guide you, our chefs have created videos that allow you to discover the many ways of presentation or decorations for a refined dining service. Our creations are available at wholesale food suppliers, wholesale restaurant suppliers, or wholesale catering suppliers.

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Discover the new creations developed by Traiteur de Paris chefs in our new Collection 2020. Delicious surprises are waiting for you!