Supplier for hotel and restaurants

A reference for Hoteliers and Restaurateurs

Partner and supplier for the Hospitality trade and caterers for 20 years, Traiteur de Paris has become over the years a brand name that is appreciated by chefs and restaurant industry professionals.

Respectful of French culinary tradition, our Chefs select raw ingredients of the highest quality, in order to offer a range of products which themselves reflect the art of living “à la francaise.”

Over the years, Traiteur de Paris has progressively expanded its range to offer a large array of frozen assortments adapted to the constraints of the Hospitality trade and restaurants, banquets, seminar breaks or even still passed hors d’oeuvres.

Crafted by our Chef Yann Le Moal and his team, all our dishes come from our ateliers in La Guerche de Bretagne and Fécamp.

As supplier for the restaurant industry, our teams are very attentive to all tastes, textures, and the quality and provenance of our raw ingredients. The creations from Traiteur de Paris distinguish themselves by their flavors and refinement, and by the excellence of their quality after defrosting.

To guide you, our chefs have created videos that allow you to discover the many ways of presentation or decorations for a refined dining service.

A range mindful of the hospitality industry and restaurants

  • A selection of savory cocktail bites (canapés, morsels, mini shots, small cakes, mini quiches)
  • Appetizers (pepper duo, salmon tartare and fromage frais, tomato tart)
  • Cooked vegetables (gratins, quenelles, vegetable tian, mousse or vegetable flan)
  • Desserts and pastries (chocolate fondant, cheesecake, apple Tatin tart, tiramisu, opéra…)
  • Petits fours and sweet small bites
  • Culinary Guides both savory and sweet (pancakes, crumble, bases de financiers, savory mini bases or mini cakes ready to garnish)

Our creations are available at wholesale food suppliers or wholesale restaurant suppliers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for more information.



Discover the new creations developed by Traiteur de Paris chefs in our new Collection 2020. Delicious surprises are waiting for you!