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Hazelnut & chocolate cake

This hazelnut & chocolate cake is a quintessential gourmet treat that will delight anyone who loves chocolate pastries. It features a very crunchy crumble, a Gianduja mousse (an Italian recipe using a hazelnut-rich chocolate spread), UTZ-certified chocolate, and a chocolate topping. It is then hand-decorated using a mixture of almonds, crushed hazelnuts, candied orange pieces […]

Sablé Gianduja à partager

Mini Chocolate Fondant

Traiteur de Paris revisits a centerpiece of French patisserie with a version in mini but no less gourmet, ideal for all your upcoming cocktail party buffets, mid-meeting breaks, and gourmet tea and coffee breaks. Intensely chocolately and melt-in-your-mouth, this mini dessert has a creamy center made with 72% cocoa chocolate. This product uses natural ingredients […]

Chocolate Passion Petits Fours

Our assortment of Chocolate Passion Petits Fours is composed of 4 recipes of delicate and delicious mini-pastries that are all centered around chocolate: 12 Crunchy chocolate and caramel financiers 12 Gianduja praline slices 12 Triple chocolate slices 12 Viennese coffee chocolates Chocolate, ever-present in sweet treats, is taken to new heights when paired with attendant […]

Petits fours passion chocolat
Tartelette au chocolat

Chocolate Tartlet

Gourmet pastry par excellence, the Chocolate Tartlet from Traiteur de Paris is renowned for its rich chocolate and refined finishing touches. When it’s the little things that make all the difference, our Chefs have gone the distance to break the mold when it comes to chocolate: a pastry tart base made of chocolate! This delectable […]

Premium Chocolate Fondant

The Premium Chocolate Fondant from Traiteur de Paris is dedicated to lovers everywhere of this essential gourmet dessert. It stands out with an intense recipe that is 22.4% chocolate and 58% cacao for an unmistakable chocolate flavor, a smooth chocolate center and a moist texture. Its individual format (3.17 oz or 90 g) allows you […]

Classic Chocolate Fondant

The natural star of your dessert menus, the Classic Chocolate Fondant from Traiteur de Paris is distinguished by its intensity of chocolate, enhanced by a decadently gooey chocolate center. Simple and natural, our recipe is created using only the finest ingredients of the highest quality (butter, eggs, flour, milk, sugar) and is guaranteed free from […]

Gianduja shortbread cake

The Chefs of Traiteur de Paris have joined chocolate fondant cream and Gianduja nuts with crumble crunch to create a mix of textures and flavors that will dance in your mouth. Ready to serve, the Gianduja shortbread cake is enhanced with a gourmet design composed of almond matchsticks, crushed hazelnuts, bits of candied orange, and […]

Sablé crémeux Gianduja
Passion caramel au beurre salé au sel de guérande

Caramel delight with salted butter with Guérande salt

Our Caramel delight with salted butter with Guérande salt is a dessert made of 100% caramel which have your caramel-loving gourmands swoon. Offering a wonderful mix of textures, it is composed of a crumble base, topped with creamy caramel and an airy cream perfumed with caramel, all punctuated with crisp crumble bits. The surprise of […]


The Truffon stands out via its intense chocolate recipe comprising of 72% cacao chocolate ganache topped with a 58% cacao chocolate mousse. It contains a center of crunchy meringue which contrasts with the creamy chocolate. The recipe is composed of quality ingredients selected with care by the Chefs of Traiteur de Paris and do not […]


Fondant with Taïnori® chocolate from Valrhona®

The pastry chefs of Traiteur de Paris have selected the internationally renowned Grand Cru Taïnori® chocolate to create an exceptional dessert. Containing 64% cacao from the Dominican Republic, this chocolate has an intense and fruity flavor profile. The Fondant with Taïnori® chocolate from Valrhona® is meltingly soft with a smooth and gooey chocolate center that […]