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Mango & coconut cake

Add an exotic touch to your menu with the ultimate in light, fruity desserts: a mango & coconut cake. This cake features a crumble base and a coconut blancmange topped with a generous helping of mango and passionfruit compote. Grated coconut has been delicately sprinkled by hand across the top to finish. This easy-to-handle dessert […]

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Sablé citron meringué à partager

Lemon meringue pie

Our lemon meringue pie features a crunchy all-butter shortbread base, a citrus cream mix infused with Sicilian lemon juice and a light, frothy Italian meringue, all of which provide the palate with a delightful mix of textures. This dessert brings a deliciously tart note to your dessert menu. It is particularly well-suited to coffee shops, but […]

Caramelised apple pound cake

First created by the Tatin sisters, this famous tart is now a French classic that is featured on practically every dessert menu. Renowned the world over, this delicious fruity tart works well whatever the season. Traiteur de Paris’ caramelised apple pound cake has a distinctively generous layer of caramelized apple delicately arranged over an all-butter […]

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Red Berry Cheesecake

Traiteur de Paris is bringing a delicate red berry flavor to this tasty New York classic. You will love this light, fruity recipe for its crunchy biscuit base, topped with an intense cheesecake mix made using French cheese. The dessert is glazed with a subtly tangy compote packed with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and redcurrants. The […]

Lemon Meringue Tartlet

The classic Lemon Meringue Tartlet is an essential French pastry whose success has gone far beyond our borders. The recipe created by our Chefs at Traiteur de Paris is distinguished by the quality of our premium materials that are melded in the perfect harmony of tastes and textures. It is composed of a base of […]

Tartelette au citron meringuée
Tiramisu framboise fraise

Raspberry and Strawberry Tiramisu

Traiteur de Paris is revisiting the celebrated Italian Tiramisu with this fruity version: our Raspberry and Strawberry Tiramisu. This gourmet recipe is made up of a biscuit soaked with raspberry and strawberry syrup, and creamy mascarpone. For a refined and elegant finishing touch, it is topped with a generous pouf of mascarpone, a shard of […]

Apple Tart with Thin Crust

The Apple Tart with Thin Crust from Traiteur de Paris is prepared using traditional recipes, and is at once gourmet and generous. Rich in fruits, this pillar of French pastry making is distinguished by apples lightly dusted with cinnamon and buttery, flaky puff pastry. This dessert is fruity and delicious, with a refined and artisanal […]

Cheesecake aux fruits rouges

Red Berry Cheesecake

This Red Berry Cheesecake couples the celebrated New York dessert with the delicacy of red berries. This pastry starts with a crumble base, upon which is placed a cheesecake filling topped with raspberry gelée. The cheesecake is decorated with a generous assortment of whole red berries (blackberries, raspberries, red and black currants) which overall impart […]

Lemon meringue pie

Tart, fresh, and light, this lemon meringue pie offers a mix of wonderful textures and a presentation that is at once modern and elegant. This incomparable dessert is made up of a bed of crispy butter shortbread topped with a creamy and lightly tart lemon custard and a dollop of Italian meringue. As the final […]

Sablé citron meringué

Panna cotta and mango shortbread

Refreshing and modern, the Panna cotta and mango shortbread is the ideal dessert for the summer. Enhanced by a touch of coconut, the panna cotta is delicately placed on a elegant coconut crumble base. All is covered with a layer of gelled mango and several pieces of candied mango. The recipe of this entremet is […]