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Premium potato gratin

The Premium potato gratin is prepared according to tradition (cream, milk, egg, garlic) with French Emmental and French potatoes. It is guaranteed free from artificial coloring, preservatives, or flavor enhancers. This classic garnish is distinguished by its artisanality and authentic taste. Simple to prepare and cook well, this is the accompaniment par excellence for meat […]

Gratin de pommes de terre premium
Gratin de pommes de terre aux cèpes

Potato and mushroom gratin

Traiteur de Paris presents a festive alternative to the traditional potato gratin: the Potato and mushroom gratin. The dish is composed with dedication to quality in the form of fine ingredients as in our potato gratin (potatoes, milk, cream, and emmental), with the addition of savory and flavorful mushrooms. The composition of this product is […]

Potato gratin

The Potato gratin is truly the epitome of side dishes in French cuisine. Created with ingredients selected with care, this recipe of potatoes, cream, milk, and mozzarella acts as a savory note to your meal that is both sinfully creamy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Sensibly packaged in individual portions, the Potato gratin will save you time […]

Gratin de pommes de terre