Mini Cheesecake

Traiteur de Paris has redesigned the famous New York cheesecake in mini!
This delicious morsel is a delightful addition for your upcoming cocktail party buffets, conference breaks, and gourmet coffee service.

This authentic, gourmet recipe is produced with a cheesecake mix composed of high-quality ingredients that are rigorously-selected by our Chefs (cheese, cream, sugar, eggs, and lemon), which is used to top a delicately cinnamon-flavored crumble.

This mini dessert is easy to handle thanks to its crumble base, and it is also eminently customizable to your desires: for example, it is perfect with a coulis or fresh fruit.

Our Mini Cheesecakes are guaranteed to be free of artificial coloring, preservatives, and flavor enhancers.

Discover the rest of our line of mini desserts at Traiteur de Paris for a deliciously gourmet coffee or tea break!

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Remove the plastic film and thaw out for 2 h at 40°F (4°C).

Product code: 0134601

48 items of 0.70 oz / 20 g (2.12 lbs / 0.960 kg)
Ø 1.6" / 4 cm

For a chic presentation, decorate your Mini Cheesecakes with fresh fruit such as raspberries or blueberries and sprinkle with icing sugar or red fruit coulis.

Cheese 23.6%, cream, wheat flour, sugar, almond powder, whole egg, brown sugar, butter, egg yolk, lemon juice from concentrated, natural vanilla flavor and other natural flavors , lemon peel, cinnamon.*

* This information is provided for guidance purposes only. Only the list of ingredients on the label of the product is deemed authentic.

Typical values (per 100g)
Caloric value (kcal)370 kcal
Energy value (kJ)1543 kJ
Protein6.5 g
Fat24.5 g
of which saturate fat12.4 g
Carbohydrate30.5 g
of which sugars16.9 g
Fibre0.9 g
Sodium139 mg
Salt0.35 g
Case dimensions in inches (WxDxH) / in mm (Lxlxh) 15.35" x 11.65" x 1.97" / 390 x 296 x 50
Gross weight in lbs (Kg)2.60 lbs / 1.180 kg
Net weight in lbs (Kg)2.11 lbs / 0.960 kg

Storage instructions before defrosting
Store at 0°F (-18°C).

Storage instructions after defrosting:
Conserve 24 hours maximum in the refrigerator after defrosting. Never refreeze thawes food.