Potato and mushroom gratin

Traiteur de Paris presents a festive alternative to the traditional potato gratin: the Potato and mushroom gratin.

The dish is composed with dedication to quality in the form of fine ingredients as in our potato gratin (potatoes, milk, cream, and emmental), with the addition of savory and flavorful mushrooms. The composition of this product is guaranteed to be free from coloring, preservatives, and artificial flavor enhancers.

Simple to plate and remaining in form when cooked, this dish will bring a touch of originality and refinement to your presentation.

This side dish is packaged in individual portions for your ease, guaranteeing masterful plating every time.

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Without thawing, reheat for 24 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 350°F (180°C).

Gratin de pommes de terre aux cèpes
Gratin de pommes de terre aux cèpes
Gratin de pommes de terre aux cèpes

Product code: 0801901

20 items of 3.17 oz/ 100 g (4.41 lbs/ 2 Kg)
Ø 2.76'' (7 cm) H: 1.77'' (4.5 cm)

The Potato and mushroom gratin marries beautifully with tender veal and green beans, finished off with a pepper sauce.

Potatoes 54%, semi-skimmed milk, cream, emmental 2.4%, potato starch 1%, cep mushrooms 0.8%, egg yolk, salt, garlic, flavour 0.2%, pepper.*

* This information is provided for guidance purposes only. Only the list of ingredients on the label of the product is deemed authentic.

Typical values (per 100g)
Caloric value (kcal)242 kcal
Energy value (kJ)1010 kJ
Protein4.2 g
Fat14.8 g
of which saturate fat9.6 g
Carbohydrate21.6 g
of which sugars4.1 g
Fibre3 g
Sodium352 mg
Salt0.88 g
Case dimensions in inches (WxDxH) / in mm (Lxlxh) 15.4" x 11.7" x 2.4" / 390 x 296 x 62 mm
Gross weight in lbs (Kg)4.89 Ibs (5.180 Kg)
Net weight in lbs (Kg)4.41 Ibs (4.800 Kg)

Storage instructions before defrosting
Store below 0°F (- 18°C).

Storage instructions after defrosting:
After thawing, conserve products 24 hours maximum between 32 to 40°F (between 0 and + 4°C).
Do not refreeze thawed food.