Small Butter Chocolate Madeleine

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Thaw 1h at 40°F (4°C),
OR reheat 4 minutes 30 sec in preheated oven at 330°F (165°C),
OR in the microwave 20 sec at 700 W power (depending on the power of your oven).

Product code: 004301

About 100 servings of 0.63 oz (3.97 lbs) - ↔ 2.7"

Butter (milk), sugar, whole eggs, wheat flour (gluten), semi-skimmed milk, dark chocolate coating [58% of cocoa] 5.4% (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin), dark chocolate [45% of cocoa] 3.8% (sugar, cocoa paste, dextrose, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin), milk chocolate coating 3.4% (sugar, whole milk, powder, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavour), egg yolk, cocoa powder, sunflower oil, inverted sugar, baking powder (raising agent: diphosphates - sodium carbonates, wheat starch (gluten)), fleur de sel from Guérande.*

* This information is provided for guidance purposes only. Only the list of ingredients on the label of the product is deemed authentic.

Typical values (per 100g)
Caloric value (kcal)403 kcal
Energy value (kJ)168 1 kJ
Protein6.1 g
Fat24.5 g
of which saturate fat15.1 g
Carbohydrate38.3 g
of which sugars26.4 g
Fibre2.2 g
Sodium284 mg
Salt0.71 g
Case dimensions in inches (WxDxH) / in mm (Lxlxh) 159.4 x 119.7 x 38.6 inches / 405 x 304 x 98 mm
Gross weight in lbs (Kg)4.84 lbs (2.195 kg)
Net weight in lbs (Kg)3.97 lbs (1.800 kg)

Storage instructions before defrosting
Store at -0.4°F (-18°C).

Storage instructions after defrosting:
5 days maximum between 32 and 40°F (0 and 4°C) after defrosting.
Never refreeze defrosted products.